Company authorities

Paweł Jaguś and Piotr Kiliszek

Leaders known for their experience in performing series of projects in the area of new technologies, facility security and Data Center construction. Highly operative in the areas of infrastructural technologies. Implemented long-term business strategies in a previous ICT company which Paweł Jaguś successfully introduced to a stock exchange. During 10 years of team work, they created a leading company on the market of Intelligent Building Systems, and also a leader in realizations of the most interesting and the biggest Data Center facilities and infrastructural projects in Poland.

They built a complete organizational structure of skills allowing developing cross-industry concepts, technical projects, as well as performing technologically advanced projects and highly specialized service support. Examples of implementations by the team include, for instance: Mobile Switching Centre & Data Center facility in Grodzisk Mazowiecki – one of the most technologically advanced in Europe facility of this type; prestigious building of the National Stadium; TRISTAR (Tricity’s Agglomeration Intelligent Transport System) – which is the largest ITS in Poland; ultra-modern headquarters of hospital for the Medical University of Warsaw; infrastructure for 9 biggest airports in Poland; and multimedia European Solidarity Center – awarded by the Museum Council of Europe.

They used their experience in building teams, their skills within the scope of constructive co-operation with Clients, as well as their ability to manage complex projects - and created MAAT4.