About us

who we are

We are a technology company that operates in the area of data center, power engineering, fire security systems, integrated security systems as well as information and communication technology. We implement innovative solutions and we provide technical support as well as maintenance.
We co-operate with leading software and hardware suppliers. When performing complex infrastructural projects, we work with reliable subcontractors that supplement our company’s competencies.

we perform projects for

companies and institutions in the following sectors:

  • Telecommunications

  • Finance

  • Industry

  • Infrastructure

  • Defense

  • Education

  • Public administration

general contractors of investment projects

General contractors of investment projects

why us


We have a skilled team of managers and employees with over 20 years of experience, who performed several hundreds of projects in the whole Poland


We succeeded in a dynamic growth of a company of a similar profile


We possess managerial competencies on the highest level and a wide network of business contacts


We present a high specialization and unique know-how in technology


We are skilled at smooth integration of infrastructural and IT solutions


Our managers and key employees hold rights to access classified information and information with the security classification: “SECRET”, “NATO Secret”, “EU Secret”, and “ESA Secret”